Pre 2012

2011 was the year I really got into music. I had been working long hours most weeks and I had started to use music as a means of backing away. Up to this point, most of the gigs I attended were established bands at large venues. I had heard SXSW was an amazing music festival and thought I would give SXSW2011 a try. With so much music on show and so many new bands to see, I started to hit smaller London venues and nothing has been the same since.

2007 – Led Zeppelin – I was lucky enough to catch :Led Zeppelin at the O2. The photo on the left is possibly my most viewed photograph. It’s clearly not be best. But it’s featured in some many online Zep articles.

Photos from pre-2012. Most of these would have been captured with a Panasonic TZ5. You can see from these early shots I tended to capture everything in portrait mode. It was only later I realised I could compose shots if I used landscape and then started to develop my own style.